This Cape Town whisky and wine bar looks over the calm water of a private V&A Waterfront marina. Full of gleaming yachts, it sets the scene for a relaxed gathering of Cape Town locals and international guests.

By day it's a lively coffee destination, and by night it is the perfect place to ease into the evening, whisky in hand.


The guided tour gives you a thumping introduction to the Mother City (CapeTown) nightlife scene. Start by meeting at a cocktail lounge, and then move on to a posh nightclub. Best of all, breeze right past the bouncers and the velvet rope, indulge in club night activities and dance the night away.


* 5-hour night club tour in Cape Town and surrounding

* Cruse some the famous club/bar strip in Cape Town.

* Our professional and friendly Host will keep you entertained and give you personalized attention throughout the evening and
make sure you get the BEST Cape Town Nightlife experience!

* Experience hassle-free club entry with guaranteed priority admission to top nightspots

* Host to guide you throughout the night to 3-4 venues

* VIP Table reservation at each club visit

* Transportation by our luxury temperature control vehicle between the nightclubs

* Friendly, fun and reliable nightlife host

* enjoy exclusive table service which includes private table and option of having your drink pre ordered prior to your tour dates

* Friendly, fun and reliable nightlife guides

* A memorable night in the Mother City.


Begin this exciting nightlife tour of Cape Town (Mother City) at one the exquisite cocktail lounge or a roof to bar at 10:30pm, the optimum and peak time to head out for a night of fun. Learn about the nightlife landscape-the city while imbibing on your cocktail. And don't be afraid to ask your guide about
nightlife trends in the city.

After a drink and a chat with your guide, head out of the lounge and make your way to one of the hottest, most buzz-worthy clubs in the city. Follow your guide into the club, passing right by the bouncer and the velvet rope, looking just like the VIP that you are on this night. Once inside, receive a complimentary beverages from the nightclub host. From this point onward the night is yours, so get ready to dance the night away.

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